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David Einhorn Speaking at Value Investing Congress

The Value Investing Congress in New York, has just added David Einhorn as a speaker. Einhorn is an author and the hedge fund manager of Greenlight Capital. He has made headlines in a few of his short positions, although, he claims to be a net long investor. Shorting usually does generate more headlines because it […]

How to pick a Value Investing Conference

It recently occurred to me that I did not have enough how-to type articles at Chroma Investing. So this will be the first in an on going series of how to value investing articles. How to Pick a Value Investing Conference The first thing to do is start with value.¬†This is not¬† a surprise statement […]

Value Investing Conferences – Investing Resources

In keeping with the changes in Chroma Investing, I have added a page in the menu bar for Value Investing Conferences that you can go to be selecting conferences in the top menu. I will add to the Value Investing Conferences that I find and update the information as it becomes available. Check it out […]

Greenblatt, Ackman & Value Investing Masters speak at the Value Investing Congress

The Value Investing Congress is being held in New York on October 17 & 18th. It is a great value investing conference to learn from experienced investors with different approaches some general philosophical and some actionable. My readers are entitled to a $1900 discount if you purchase your pass by July 29th. I am very […]

Save $1400 Learning about Value Investing

One of the ways you develop an edge is continuing to refine your investing chops. One of the best ways, apart from reading this blog, is to learn from masters, investors who have the skill and experience to help you develop insight into the process of value investing. What if I told you could do […]

Value Investing Congress Discount Ends

Value Investing Congress is having it’s West Coast version the first week in May, 2010. There are a variety of discounts available that all amount to the same thing, but here is the thing. The discount up to $1750 ends tomorrow night at Midnight.

Investing Conference for Beginning Investors – AAII

Part of this blog’s mission is to help beginning investors gather the essential information so that you can make informed investment decisions on your own.

Value Investing Congress 2009 – What we missed

Value Investing Congress is a geek fest for value investors like me. I have not been able to attend because my paying gig won’t give me time off during the periods they offer this two day Value Investing series in October and May. Last week the fall version took place in New York. I won’t give you the summaries myself. Go to the source directly.

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