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Value Investing for beginning & small time investors and the value investing strategies of Graham & Klarman

Value Investing Strategies for the Small Investor and 80-20 Portfolios

When you begin to invest you need to develop an investing strategy. Having a strategy is like a google map. It will help direct you down the right freeway and hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls, er traffic, and get to the destination you want.  If you are at this website you know my overall […]

80-20 Investing – the Portfolio

I have decided to set up another real money portfolio to test out my ideas of 80-20 Investing, which I have previously discussed. For 20% of the effort I believe it is possible to get 80% of the investing result. The idea is fairly simple. Set up some investing criteria, and when a stock passes […]

Easy Concept, Potentially Profitable Investing Strategy

This is really another in the Value Investing Series, but also an 80/20 Investing idea. To reiterate 80/20 investing is my value investing concept that attempts to get 80% of a solid return with 20% of the work. Not sure if it is really viable, although I am thinking of starting a test portfolio. But it is also the result of finding the website I mentioned in yesterdays blog about Empirical Finance Research.

Ben Graham’s Stock Selection Criteria – Value Investing Series

I found this idea in Tweedy Browne’s What Has Worked in Investing. And after a little more research I have included it in my Value Investing Series. In a “Test of Ben Graham’s Stock selection Criteria,” Henry Oppenheimer studied whether or not a set of Ben Graham’s investing criteria actually worked. Toward the end of Graham’s life he espoused a different, although related criteria to what he espoused in his master works Security Analysis and the Intelligent Investor.

80-20 Investing and Other Financial Heresies

I am slowly developing, over time, an investment method I call 80-20 Investing. Everyone knows the 80-20 rule. For any activity you spend 20% of your time to get 80% of the result. The converse is obviously also true. The last 80% of effort only yields a 20% result. I really don’t want to waste my time, so I am interested in maximum efficiency.

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