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Great Value Investing Strategies – Piotroski’s F-score Investing

This is going to be a denser than usual article. If you want to skip the theory and go to the section that deals with the mechanics of the strategy, go ahead. But don’t skip this article. I have wanted to write this article for a long time. It is essential because I use this […]

Value Investing Ideas – Companies Passing my Custom Screens

New Chroma Investing Feature I promised that I was going to be adding more value investing features to this website. One of them is going to be a weekly list of companies that pass a few of my custom value investing stock screeners. Each week I will highlight a different custom Value Investing screen I […]

Warren Buffett’s advice in a Crisis

Given the downward trend in the market the past couple of weeks, I thought it was appropriate to re-quote some of Warren Buffett’s famous sayings that apply to time like these. We are, after all, value investors. Volatility is our friend, and nothing about this downturn was unexpected except the timing. Our government continues to […]

Best Value Investing Screeners

When you are a small time value investor starting out on your investment road, you can’t afford to spend lots of money on expensive tools to help you evaluate companies, but there are some inexpensive or free tools that I will be highlighting in coming weeks. One place to start is finding a good stock […]

Real Returns are the only Returns that Matter

Recently, I was at the Motley Fool website. I use their CAPS as one the sources for common knowledge, like Yahoo finance message board. But that is another post. I like their breezy style and subscribe to their Hidden Gems service. I decided to check out how they compare their returns to their benchmarks. To […]

Pareto’s Principle – A Name for an Old Rule

I have often referred to what I called the 80-20 principle, the common idea that 80% of the results come from 20% of the work. I have set up a portfolio to test the theory called the 80-20 portfolio. Who knew this was an actual economic concept and not just an old wives tale.  It […]

Avoiding Confirmation Bias

As I have mentioned previously, one of the points of the 80-20 Portfolio is to incorporate some of the research of Behavioral Finance into an Investing Strategy. One of the behavioral traps we go through is something called Confirmation Bias. In short, this is when you look at facts that agree with your investing thesis […]

Investing Regret

I had a dose of Investing regret the other day. I have posted about my terrific gain on HAST for the 80-20 portfolio. Right after I sold it at $7.17/share, the price dipped. But then it soared. Then it  had a spectacular rise to over $9.00/share. I was, of course, bummed that I had not […]

HAST – Hasting Entertainment – 80-20 Portfolio – SOLD

Just a quick update on HAST. I sold all 110 shares at $7.19 this morning for a total, minus the $4.50 Zecco commission, of $786.40. While the 57% increase on this investment in less than three weeks is unexpected in its quickness, it is too early to say whether the 80-20 strategy is worthwhile. I […]

HAST – Hasting Entertainment BUY 80-20 Portfolio

On April 7th I purchased 110 shares of Hasting Entertainment – HAST for $4.51/share including the $4.50 commission from Zecco the total comes to a total investment $500.60. This was for the 80-20 Portfolio. I know, I am late in posting about it. But I had to lay out what the criteria were before I […]

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