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Why You may Want to Invest for Yourself

Sometimes I will come across an article that will inspire a post. This is one of those types of articles. One of the advantages of AAII is that they send you updates weekly. Recently they posted something that I knew about, but that should give every individual investor pause. Most Actively Traded Funds Underperform Index […]

What is Value Investing?

This is a value investing Website filled with all things value investing: Value Investing Strategy, Value Investing Conference, Value Investing Software. But what is Value Investing? This is obviously a beginning investor question. But weekends are for beginning value investors, since that is probably when they have time to investigate their investing strategies. In layman’s […]

Warren Buffett’s advice in a Crisis

Given the downward trend in the market the past couple of weeks, I thought it was appropriate to re-quote some of Warren Buffett’s famous sayings that apply to time like these. We are, after all, value investors. Volatility is our friend, and nothing about this downturn was unexpected except the timing. Our government continues to […]

Carmageddon, Greece and Investing Strategies

I live in Los Angeles. Tonight the powers that be have decided to close down, for the weekend, the 405 freeway, one of the busiest in the world. This has locally been dubbed Carmageddon. Up to 500,000 vehicles daily use the section of Freeway being closed, and there are not many good alternatives to transverse […]

Fat Tail Risk and James Montier

As many of you know I am James Montier fan. He is exceptional at encapsulating behavioral finance concepts in ways that are almost actionable.  It is not a criticism of him. The value of behavioral finance is that it helps you learn to “think differently” about investing. This is valuable even if it isn’t like […]

What is your Investing Edge?

If you scroll down his recent 2010 Letter Seth Klarman asks, “What’s your edge?” He asks this question in the context of developing a framework for investing success. It is a vital question. And if you don’t have an answer, it is time to develop one. We all have some advantages over other investors. Are […]

Anti Share Buy-Back Another Example of How I am not like Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett has often said how much he likes companies that buy back their own shares. He has said this in comparison to dividends. The theoretical reason is clear. Dividends are taxed, best case at 15% where as the effect of share buy backs is untaxed. The effect of buying back shares, in the optimal […]

Alice Schroeder – Warren Buffett biographer- Interviewed

Miguel, my friend over at Simoleon Sense, a blog I have repeatedly recommended, has posted the first part of a multi-part interview with Alice Schroeder, the author of the Snowball, a biography of Warren Buffett. In the infinite questions that arise about a character like Buffett, Schroeder had unprecedented access to her subject before writing […]

Getting Warren Buffett sized returns by avoiding investing like Buffett

The title of this post may seem paradoxical. But it is not. There is a qualifier to the statement. The title should actually be “if you want to earn the amazing returns that Warren Buffett earned in the 1950’s you can’t invest like Buffett does today.” The reason is simple: he is a victim of […]

Extra Investing returns by Investing Like Warren Buffett

Overconfidence, Underreaction to Warren Buffett’s Investments is an interesting paper I saw at Simoleon Sense. To understand the all the details I suggest you read it yourself. You may derive different conclusions than I did.  I had a few take aways. First, that despite all logic to the contrary, if you had followed Warren Buffett’s […]

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