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Best Value Investing Screeners

When you are a small time value investor starting out on your investment road, you can’t afford to spend lots of money on expensive tools to help you evaluate companies, but there are some inexpensive or free tools that I will be highlighting in coming weeks. One place to start is finding a good stock […]

Carmageddon, Greece and Investing Strategies

I live in Los Angeles. Tonight the powers that be have decided to close down, for the weekend, the 405 freeway, one of the busiest in the world. This has locally been dubbed Carmageddon. Up to 500,000 vehicles daily use the section of Freeway being closed, and there are not many good alternatives to transverse […]

Underperformance in a Fund, Time to Invest?

A recent article in Bloomberg on fund under performance has led me to consider the question: if you are going to invest in a fund isn’t the best time to invest in when it looks like a good value, that is, it is beaten down? That all depends. Studies have shown that individual investors often […]

Einhorn and a Macro Evaluation

Greenlight capital, run by David Einhorn, released their quarterly letter to its partners last week. In light of what is going on in Europe today, it seems his scathing analysis of the macro world couldn’t be more on the money. You can download the Greenlight partner letter here. Of course it is interesting to note that […]

Confidence or Overconfidence in Investing?

One of the criteria some value investors use for sizing their stock purchases is their “confidence” in the validity of their analysis on a particular company.  If you ordinarily invest 5% of your portfolio in a particular companies’ stock, you might, if you are very confident, in your analysis, size up your position to 10% […]

Chroma Investing Links July 2011

I haven’t posted recommended investing links in a while. But, first I wanted to highlight a couple of links that I have removed. Not because they aren’t worth your time but because the authors have shut down the sites or not updated to the point where it seems shut down. These include (shut down), […]

Fat Tail Risk and James Montier

As many of you know I am James Montier fan. He is exceptional at encapsulating behavioral finance concepts in ways that are almost actionable.  It is not a criticism of him. The value of behavioral finance is that it helps you learn to “think differently” about investing. This is valuable even if it isn’t like […]

What I Learned at the Value Investing Congress

The Congress is no ordinary Value Investing Conference The Value Investing Congress West was more than a month ago. It is a value investing conference worth attending. If you want a great set of notes go to Ben’s Inoculated Investor to get them. I took notes too, but his are better than mine. I am […]

Howard Marks to Speak at Value Investing Congress

Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital is one of the speakers featured at the Value Investing Congress May 3rd and 4th in Pasadena, California. You can still save $300, if you have not signed up but are planning on attending. Just click on the banner to the right or use the discount code: W11CI5. I hope […]

Last Day for $1400 Value Investing Congress Discount

  Today is the last day to save $1400 to attend the Value Investing Congress. Tomorrow the Price goes up. If you are thinking of attending click through and sign up. Also, if you are planning on attending and want to get together for a drink to talk value investing, send me a note at […]

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