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Top 5 Value Investing Tips

Value Investing is a mind set that guides you in your investing decisions. It does not involve technical analysis or trend following trading. Value Investing is fundamentally about buying a stock because you think the market has made a mistake and is undervaluing a company right now.  The following is a simplified version of what […]

Stock Investment Guide: A Screening Tool for Mac and PC’s

]one of my reader’s, emailed me this tip as we commiserated about the lack of programs that helped Mac based investors. While this program also works on the Windows platform, it will be more useful for Mac users, since there are better programs for PC’s than this. The progam is called the Stock Investment Guide.

Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc. (XING) Net Net Stock – Buy

On Friday I purchased 1500 shares of Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc (XING) at $1.91/share with my TradeKing account, so my brokerage fee was $4.95. Despite the name, Qiao is not a telephone company any more. They have recently focused their business to mining operations and are divesting themselves of their phone subsidiaries.

Free Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Spreadsheet for Mac

I promised a couple of readers a version of the DCF Spreadsheet I use to help evaluate long term picks. I decided to offer it to anyone who can use it, i.e. Mac users only. Remember, if you use the free DCF spreadsheet do not base any investment decisions solely on a spreadsheet.

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Spreadsheet for Mac

Strangely, it never it occurred to me that anyone would be interested in a Mac spreadsheet for valuating a company based on DCF. I created my own because I could not find one on the internet, so I incorrectly figured no one really used a Mac in this world, but me. Where as the entertainment business is a Mac dominated industry, finance seems to be PC dominated industry and for good reason. Microsoft sucks ( I am not being harsh) at porting Office for Mac. It stripped out some of the most useful features in the excel version for Mac and has no intention of adding them in the future.

Exploring Premium Services – Opportunistic Investor

Anyone considering investing money in a premium investing service remember should be mindful of two things. For a beginning investor the important item is whether or not a service fits your investment philosophy. In makes little sense to pay money for technical trading tips if you are fundamental investor. Second, and this is important for the small money investor, make sure the service is worth the money

Checking your data before you Invest – Valuation

If you are going to invest in a company you need to collect data about the financial workings of the company.For the Excel users on the PC platform I recommend Old School Value’s free spreadsheet for Net Net’s and his premium (read not free, although a good value) Discounted Cash Flow spreadsheet

Why Not to invest in ASPN a Net Net Stock

As I have posted previously, I review a lot of blogs, and do a fair amout work with screeners to look for the next great deal. I wanted to highlight why I did not take a position in a stock that was recommended by one of my favorite value bloggers: Greenbackd. It had all the makings of a company I would like. It was a net net stock with a catalyst to help extract the value, in this case a likely liquidation.

Chroma Investing Portfolio One Month Update

Since this is a new blog we will feature the only time that we will do a one month portfolio review.

On August 4th 2009 the S&P closed at 1002.72. I purchased VaxGen (VXGN) for .54. Today the S&P closed at 1003.24 and VXGN closed at.61. That would be a 12.9% increase in one month for VXGN or an annualized rate of 155%. During the same time the S & P 500 gained less than .005%. For a relative gain to the S&P of 154%. Really! Likewise on August 17 the S&P closed at 979.73. I purchased the special situation stock of Zareba systems (ZRBA) for 3.80/share. At close today ZRBA sold at 4.08/share. 7.37 % in 17 days. The S&P 500 from Sept. 17 today is up 2.34%. ZRBA is up over 5% relative to the S&P 500 in the same period or over 100% annualized.

Valuing a Net Net Stock – the lite version

Yesterday’s post was missing something. How do you value Benjamin Graham’s “Instrinsic Value” of a company?  I left it out for a reason. The answer is: it depends on who is doing the valuation and what tools they use. Get this- some investor’s don’t value companies. They don’t care about it. Really. These investors are […]

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