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Value Investing Checklists

Monish Pabrai famously discusses the importance of having an investing checklist. While he has been coy about what is on his checklist, proprietary information or some such notion, Jae Jun over at Old School Value has shared his investing checklist with us. You can find his website (highly recommended) and his checklist here. I am […]

Does Market Timing Work?

The first evidence I discovered that some form of Market Timing may work was when I read Jeremy Seigel’s weighty tome, Stocks for the Long Run. He used what is called the 200 day moving average of a stock to determine a buy and sell point for equities, with investment going back and forth from cash to equities.

What are your best Investing Ideas for 2010?

I am still working on an evaluation of a Net Net company that I have not invested in. But I started thinking. Do any of you have investing ideas that you would like to share? It doesn’t have to be a Net Net stock, or even a value investing stock. I am simply interested in hearing what readers of this blog have been looking at. You don’t even have to post an idea of something that you have actually invested in, yet.

Free Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Spreadsheet for Mac

I promised a couple of readers a version of the DCF Spreadsheet I use to help evaluate long term picks. I decided to offer it to anyone who can use it, i.e. Mac users only. Remember, if you use the free DCF spreadsheet do not base any investment decisions solely on a spreadsheet.

Concepts for Beginning Investors

Since this blog is geared toward the beginning investor and people without a lot of capital to invest, I thought I would start a series that discusses concepts that all investors should understand, even, if they don’t subscribe to them. So, moving forward I will try to introduce a new investing concept in the middle of week. Usually Wednesday, but this is a blog that is FREE, so if it slips to Thursday take your complaints to the person you are paying.

Free Stock Information Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

This is a link to a free issue of the Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, a good deal for value, small time or beginning investors.

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