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What Does it take for you to do good? How about Free money!

Will you help somone today? What will it take? Some of you may answer. I already do a boatload. Great. Others will answer the question, No, I don’t want to help anyone but myself. But what if you could do it with… Free Money I have written about various investments that have not so great […]

Investment Leads – 52 Week Lows

One of the most important parts of beginning investing is starting a system to generate investing ideas or leads. If you don’t have a source of new investment leads or can’t afford premium services that funnel them to you, because you are small money investor, you can sit on the side lines waiting until a new investment opportunity drops in your lap. For me, at least, that almost never happens. pens.

But where to look? I like to start in the garbage heap, the detritus of stocks: the 52 week lows. For the non- value investor this idea may seem counter intuitive. Why would look at the losers to find a winner? There are several reasons, actually.

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