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20 Things You Need to Know about Value Investing

or More random items about what this blog is about than you really wanted to know This is a reworked article that I posted back when Chroma first started, but no one read it, so it is new information to anyone hanging out now. What is this Value Investing Blog about anyway? Since you are […]

Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc. (XING) Net Net Stock – Buy

On Friday I purchased 1500 shares of Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc (XING) at $1.91/share with my TradeKing account, so my brokerage fee was $4.95. Despite the name, Qiao is not a telephone company any more. They have recently focused their business to mining operations and are divesting themselves of their phone subsidiaries.

New Net Net Position Added Vaxgen Inc. (VXGN)

I have added a net net position in a stock I have been following for a while: VXGN.

But don’t do what I just did. Please! If you already know you are value investor who understands how to value a stock from an assets perspective, go ahead do what you like. But if you are a beginning investor still trying to figure this out, don’t invest in this stock.

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