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Value Investing for beginning & small time investors and the value investing strategies of Graham & Klarman

Beginning Value Investor Term – Beta

Beta is a funny looking Greek character that gets thrown around a lot in finance circles. It can be used to estimate correlation of an asset to the over-all market. What? If you compare an asset, say stock in a company, to a market, say the S&P 500, you can establish a relationship between them. […]

Value Investing Profile – Bill Ackman

He is not your average Value Investor but he pursues the fundamentals of a company with gusto. Of all the names silver haired William “Bill” Ackman has been called, an “activist” investor is probably the kindest. He has made both good calls and bad, with  both getting a lot of publicity. His hedge fund, Pershing […]

Value Investing Ideas – Companies Passing my Custom Screens

New Chroma Investing Feature I promised that I was going to be adding more value investing features to this website. One of them is going to be a weekly list of companies that pass a few of my custom value investing stock screeners. Each week I will highlight a different custom Value Investing screen I […]

Finding the Best Value Investing Stock Screener

What is a Value Investing Screener? Stock Screeners are software that sort through a number of facts about companies using specific criteria. This sifting or “screen” acts as a sieve to filter out undesirable companies. To busy investors a good value investing stock screener is essential Investing software. They help cull the herd and target […]

Value Investing Criteria that Works- Low Price to Free Cash Flow (FCF)

In Value Investing we do not use only one set of criteria, clap our hands and say Eureka, I have it! We have several metrics that we can use in our Value Investing toolkit, sometimes in conjunction with each other to evaluate a company and discover if it is a bargain. What is Low Price […]

Warren Buffett’s advice in a Crisis

Given the downward trend in the market the past couple of weeks, I thought it was appropriate to re-quote some of Warren Buffett’s famous sayings that apply to time like these. We are, after all, value investors. Volatility is our friend, and nothing about this downturn was unexpected except the timing. Our government continues to […]

Beginning Value Investor Terms – Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

Although this site is largely geared toward individual stocks, it seems to me, to better serve the beginning investors I need to address the more passive investment strategies that may be attractive to individual investors without much time on their hands to investigate individual companies but want to understand their investments. ETF Defined An Exchange […]

Value Investing Conferences – Investing Resources

In keeping with the changes in Chroma Investing, I have added a page in the menu bar for Value Investing Conferences that you can go to be selecting conferences in the top menu. I will add to the Value Investing Conferences that I find and update the information as it becomes available. Check it out […]

Chroma Investing turns Two Years Old

Today is the two year anniversary of my homage to value investing: the ChromaInvesting website. There have been some abrupt starts and stops to this website. Google couldn’t find the website for the first three months it was live, which turned out to be operator error in WordPress. The last show I did kept me […]

3 Must haves for your Value Investing Notebook

Everyone should keep some sort of value investing notebook. You don’t need to kill trees and put it in an old fashion three binder like I do, but you do need to keep track of several aspects of your investing endeavor. As individual value investors our time is a precious commodity, we can’t afford to […]

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