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Worse Case Scenario Investing

I have just finished¬† reading a book that has forced me to reconsider how I evaluate risk , because it discuss investing in a worse case scenario. Evaluating risk has been an ongoing interest of mine because I assert that understanding risk is crucial to making sound investments.¬† If you overlook an element of risk […]

Extra Investing returns by Investing Like Warren Buffett

Overconfidence, Underreaction to Warren Buffett’s Investments is an interesting paper I saw at Simoleon Sense. To understand the all the details I suggest you read it yourself. You may derive different conclusions than I did.¬† I had a few take aways. First, that despite all logic to the contrary, if you had followed Warren Buffett’s […]

Morningstar gives up the Ghost recently changed its years old policy of providing free ten year financials. It still offers free five year financials but has shifted the ten year data to an expensive premium service. Now that it is costs, I would suggest not using Morningstar anymore. Their data has been dicey at best. That is I was […]

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