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Be careful if you are invested in Chinese stocks

I know I said I was done with bearish sentiments, but…

This new one is from Vitaly at Contrarian Edge. And mostly I include it because I realized that many people have been fleeing the American stock market because they see these amazing returns in China, and think this party is going to keep on going. And these statements are usually followed by something like, “this time is different.” And if someone, including you has said these words, be prepared for what comes next. Read what he has posted, it will make you cautious about being in China.

Chroma Investing Sunday Links #3

This is the third installment of the Chroma Investing Sunday links. These are places with good, if not actionable ideas. These are not comedic, but very serious, and thought provoking sites.
Simoleon Sense- this website has almost no practical advice. In that sense it is almost opposite of Greenbackd. Barel Karsan- is another general information website. It is not as abstract as Simoleon Sense and focused more on value intesting.

Bearish Real Estate Investing News

In the final installment of Bearish indicators, I have moved away from the Stock Market completely but to the area of real estate. Why?

Everyone seems to think the recovery of the real estate market is the secret sauce that will get us out of the bad times were are in (even if the recession is “technically” over).Whitney Tilson, who wrote the original article, is a co-founder of T2 and he established the Value Investing Congress a twice yearly, gathering for the value vesting geeks. He recently wrote a book called More Mortgage Meltdown: 6 Ways to Profit in these Bad Times, with his partner Glenn Tongue. A book very high on my list to read.

Technical Bearish News for the Stock Market

Another bearish article has appeared in Zignal. It discusses that the noted Elliot Wave Theorist has turned bearish after having been quite bullish from March lows. Does this mean the stock market is crashing again. Of course not. I am intrigued by Technical Analysisparticularly Elliot Wave based notions seem to have predicted some big drops and rises. I have not studied any of it, nor seen any studies that support their ideas

Buy Long Term Stocks with Caution

This has turned into a week of cautionary links. This latest from the blog Periodot Capitalist talks about troubling signs that speculative activity in the stock market have increased, That is not exactly a good sign for continued fundamentally based growth in the market. This week has inadvertently turned into stock market caution week.

Learning about Behavioral Finance

Part of the mission of this blog is to find interesting ways for beginning investors to learn about investing concepts. One that particularly intrigues me is Behavioral Finance. I discovered a blog the other day called Psy-Fi, cute right? I particularly enjoyed an article called Special Theory of Behavioral Finance.

More Bearish Insights

I am going to harp on the theme that all is not great in the stock market. I saw this piece in the Inoculated Investor that warns about what I have been hinting at that the current stock market as a whole is overbought. That is too many people bidding up stocks.

Sunday – Chroma Investing Links

Since this investing blog is still in its infancy, I am still introducing you to other interesting investing links that I refer to often. The links include,, and

Free Stock Information Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

This is a link to a free issue of the Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, a good deal for value, small time or beginning investors.

A macroeconomic opinion.

I recently read a report from the website shadow capitalism. It is called the bull market fallacy. You can find it here. I particularly agree with their ideas on what I consider the misinterpretation of the current market condition. It would not take a very large negative surprise in the world to send the market reeling again. But if you if listen to the financial press, everything seems to be swimming along quite nicely. This is why I am currently only looking for short term Net net or special situations stocks.

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