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Warren Buffett’s advice in a Crisis

Given the downward trend in the market the past couple of weeks, I thought it was appropriate to re-quote some of Warren Buffett’s famous sayings that apply to time like these. We are, after all, value investors. Volatility is our friend, and nothing about this downturn was unexpected except the timing. Our government continues to […]

Best Value Investing Screeners

When you are a small time value investor starting out on your investment road, you can’t afford to spend lots of money on expensive tools to help you evaluate companies, but there are some inexpensive or free tools that I will be highlighting in coming weeks. One place to start is finding a good stock […]

Getting Warren Buffett sized returns by avoiding investing like Buffett

The title of this post may seem paradoxical. But it is not. There is a qualifier to the statement. The title should actually be “if you want to earn the amazing returns that Warren Buffett earned in the 1950’s you can’t invest like Buffett does today.” The reason is simple: he is a victim of […]

Extra Investing returns by Investing Like Warren Buffett

Overconfidence, Underreaction to Warren Buffett’s Investments is an interesting paper I saw at Simoleon Sense. To understand the all the details I suggest you read it yourself. You may derive different conclusions than I did.  I had a few take aways. First, that despite all logic to the contrary, if you had followed Warren Buffett’s […]

Portfolio Updates

This is a quick update on the status of both portfolio’s for their first month. From here on, I will only update quarterly, because a shorter time frame than that seems silly. Small Investor Portfolio Current Positions DUCK up 27.2% IFON down 13.2 % Closed Positions ORXE up 31.% including commissions. This is all well […]

Value Investing Strategies for the Small Investor and 80-20 Portfolios

When you begin to invest you need to develop an investing strategy. Having a strategy is like a google map. It will help direct you down the right freeway and hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls, er traffic, and get to the destination you want.  If you are at this website you know my overall […]

ORXE – Ore Pharamceutical Holdings – NCAV pharma stock – Bought and Sold

On Tuesday I bought 1600 shares of ORXE, a Net Net pharma stock for $.30/share or $485.00 including the ChoiceTrade $5.00 commission, for the Small Investor Portfolio. I sold today at .40/share for a profit $150.00 or nearly 31% including commissions. This is not my usual trading style. But as much as this was a […]

DUCK – Duckwall-ALCO Stores a NCAV stock BUY – Small Investor Portfolio

I am still in catch up mode from my brief hiatus in posting. While I stopped posting , I did not stop investing.  Last Thursday April 8th I purchased 35 shares of DUCK – Duckwall – Alco Stores at $13.75/share  for the Chroma Investing Small Investor Portfolio. Including the ChoiceTrade commission of $5.00 this was […]

IFON – InfoSonics NCAV stock BUY – Small Investor Portfolio

Last week, on 4/1/10 I purchased 650 shares of IFON – Infosonics at $ .7719/share  for the Chroma Investing Small Investor Portfolio.  This was a total investment of $506.74 including the $5.00 ChoiceTrade commission. The price dropped into the low .60’s until today where has recovered to .72/share.  I bought the shares because IFON is […]

Zecco vs. ChoiceTrade – Which is better?

As I narrowed my choice for the Small Investor Portfolio‘s broker, I decided I would set up an account at both Zecco and Choice Trade. One would be for the Small Investor’s Portfolio and the other for the 80-20 portfolio. I have my impressions of setting up accounts at both companies. Choice Trade- The first […]

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