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MNDO – Mind C.T.I. Why you must mind the details

I was reviewing a stock, Mind C.T.I. Ltd (MNDO), because it came across a screener as a Net Net opportunity. I wondered why it had so recently turned up.

MNDO is an Israeli company that, “a leading provider of convergent end-to-end billing and customer care product based solutions for service providers as well as telecom expense management (call management) solutions.”

Top Ten Investment List for 2009

Everyone loves lists it seems for this time of year, so I have complied my own. They are not all the same type of items, just important things that came up this past year. They are certainly not all the best investment ideas I had.

What are your best Investing Ideas for 2010?

I am still working on an evaluation of a Net Net company that I have not invested in. But I started thinking. Do any of you have investing ideas that you would like to share? It doesn’t have to be a Net Net stock, or even a value investing stock. I am simply interested in hearing what readers of this blog have been looking at. You don’t even have to post an idea of something that you have actually invested in, yet.

Free Magic Formula Lists – Chroma Investment Links

But I wanted to turn you on to an interesting site. It is essentially a list of Magic Formula stocks. The Magic Formula Investing isn’t new. Joel Greenblatt of Gotham Capital fame devised this system of essentially low P/E, High ROIC companies. He outlined the Magic Formula Investing Approach in his Little Book that Beats the Market.

A Premium Service worth checking out – Guru Focus

One of the premium services that I have subscribed to is GuruFocus. Although the site is known for tracking the trades of famous and the not so famous, but perhaps, interesting investment “guru’s”. I am not much of a follower. If you are a value investor you are probably by nature also slightly contrarian. Of course, if the numbers add up for you it doesn’t hurt to have a Seth Klarman or Marty Whitman on your side. And I will analyze some companies that one the greats is interested in. I found Facet Biotech (FACT) this way and profited more than 70%.

Exploring Premium Services – Opportunistic Investor

Anyone considering investing money in a premium investing service remember should be mindful of two things. For a beginning investor the important item is whether or not a service fits your investment philosophy. In makes little sense to pay money for technical trading tips if you are fundamental investor. Second, and this is important for the small money investor, make sure the service is worth the money

Checking your data before you Invest – Valuation

If you are going to invest in a company you need to collect data about the financial workings of the company.For the Excel users on the PC platform I recommend Old School Value’s free spreadsheet for Net Net’s and his premium (read not free, although a good value) Discounted Cash Flow spreadsheet

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