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More James Montier via EuroshareLab

After reading my recent post on James Montier’s latest GMO white paper, Tim duToit of Euroshare contacted me and informed me of his resource page for all things James Montier. In my ongoing fandome of Montier I have included the link to James Montier resource page. Tim also has a page devoted to book recommendations […]

Chroma Investing Links July 2011

I haven’t posted recommended investing links in a while. But, first I wanted to highlight a couple of links that I have removed. Not because they aren’t worth your time but because the authors have shut down the sites or not updated to the point where it seems shut down. These include (shut down), […]

Value Investing Links February 2011

I haven’t posted Investing links in a while. In the meantime I have discovered a couple of websites worth checking out. Stock Spinoffs – The website does a good job of laying out stock spin off opportunities. I have recently reread Joel Greenblatt’s book You Can be a Stock Market Genius.  In one of the […]

Alice Schroeder – Warren Buffett biographer- Interviewed

Miguel, my friend over at Simoleon Sense, a blog I have repeatedly recommended, has posted the first part of a multi-part interview with Alice Schroeder, the author of the Snowball, a biography of Warren Buffett. In the infinite questions that arise about a character like Buffett, Schroeder had unprecedented access to her subject before writing […]

Value Investing Checklists

Monish Pabrai famously discusses the importance of having an investing checklist. While he has been coy about what is on his checklist, proprietary information or some such notion, Jae Jun over at Old School Value has shared his investing checklist with us. You can find his website (highly recommended) and his checklist here. I am […]

A Few Lessons in Behavioral Finance

My Investing Notebook has a presentation called Confessions of a Value Investor: A Few Lessons in Behavioral Finance. I am ordinarily not a fan of looking at presentation, because it is easy to make incorrect conclusions without understanding the context or the point the author is trying to make. In this case, I think the […]

Reviewing Forecasters – The Guru Grade

After listening to the noise, er, Financial bobble heads, I have often thought, wouldn’t it be great if someone recorded what these idiots said and then held them to their predictions. Well it turns out their is a place that has at least partially granted my wish. It is called CXO Advisory Group (Yes, I […]

Looking Outside to Get Inside

One of the things about the pursuit of knowledge, is that it is satisfying for its own sake. I have found that you can often find useful information, or perspectives in other disciplines. One of my new favorite blogs Psy-Fi is the kind of place that opens your mind to other perspectives, but then circles […]

Simoleon Sense interviews James Montier

My friend Miguel at Simoleon Sense has conducted another one of his terrific interviews. This time it is with James Montier, who is always someone worth listening to. I have written previously about Montier’s perspectives before. You can check out Montier bitch slaps EFH or Good Decisions, Bad Outcomes. He hails from the behavioral Finance camp, which it is safe to say, the right team to be on.

An aid to Empirical Finance Research

I am a fan of empirical evidence that supports investing strategies. This sounds like an obvious statement, but many people don’t care, or at least that is how seems if you view their actions. I have previously highlighted evidence that could potentially enhance returns like Low price to book, and help protect against loss like the Altman Z score.

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