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VaxGen (VXGN) Closed Position

I have sold my position in VaxGen at $.64/share. I originally opened my position in VXGN in August for $.54share because it was a Net Net stock whose potential was actually in the $.78-$.90 share range. Actually I sold out on November 18th, using a limit order at $.64 my return was about 18% in a little over three months.

Vaxgen A Net Net Update from Greenbackd

Greenbackd has an update on Vaxgen (VXGN) that is worth reading. Vaxgen is a net net stock that I suggested was worth a look on my August 4th post.

The Greenbackd post discusses new potential directors and an HIV drug that Vaxgen has some theoreticaly rights to if it exercises them. These are why the stock jumped a lot last week.

I am still moving. But since Greenbackd has done such a great job of posting an update I thought I would pass it on to you.

Tradeking cheap all around online broker

I will start with Tradeking because it was my first brokerage company. Why? $4.95 flat trading for one. Charles Schwab, the two buck chuck of the online brokerage companies is $12.95 for accounts with less than a million dollars. No kidding. The kind of discount brokers charges $12.95 for you small timers. I haven’t checked on the price he charges for big clients.

Chroma Investing Portfolio One Month Update

Since this is a new blog we will feature the only time that we will do a one month portfolio review.

On August 4th 2009 the S&P closed at 1002.72. I purchased VaxGen (VXGN) for .54. Today the S&P closed at 1003.24 and VXGN closed at.61. That would be a 12.9% increase in one month for VXGN or an annualized rate of 155%. During the same time the S & P 500 gained less than .005%. For a relative gain to the S&P of 154%. Really! Likewise on August 17 the S&P closed at 979.73. I purchased the special situation stock of Zareba systems (ZRBA) for 3.80/share. At close today ZRBA sold at 4.08/share. 7.37 % in 17 days. The S&P 500 from Sept. 17 today is up 2.34%. ZRBA is up over 5% relative to the S&P 500 in the same period or over 100% annualized.

Financial Statements for Beginners – The Balance Sheet

A blog about the balance sheet for beginners. We used the simplified version provided by Morningstar. We look at VaxGen Inc. (VXGN) the Net Net stock we purchased last week.

Financial Statements for Beginning Investors – Cash Flow Statement

Yesterday I discussed the first of three acts of a companies Financial Statements.Income Statements for beginning investors. Today Act 2, Cash Flows. And we will explore it in all its breathless glory. Once again we will utilize the cash flow from Morningstar for VaxGen Inc. (VXGN) to save ourselves the difficulty of sifting through the […]

New Net Net Position Added Vaxgen Inc. (VXGN)

I have added a net net position in a stock I have been following for a while: VXGN.

But don’t do what I just did. Please! If you already know you are value investor who understands how to value a stock from an assets perspective, go ahead do what you like. But if you are a beginning investor still trying to figure this out, don’t invest in this stock.

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