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Finding the Best Value Investing Stock Screener

What is a Value Investing Screener? Stock Screeners are software that sort through a number of facts about companies using specific criteria. This sifting or “screen” acts as a sieve to filter out undesirable companies. To busy investors a good value investing stock screener is essential Investing software. They help cull the herd and target […]

Free Value and NCAV Screeners

Now this is my kind of deal. Jae Jun over at Old School Value has really pulled all the stops for the new year. He has posted new value screeners that he offers for free. Yeah, that’s right for Free. I have already checked out the free Net Net screener which he calls Ben Graham Screener and sure enough, not only does he turn up some old faithfuls I have found on other screens but some new names as well like Electronic Systems Technology (ELST).

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