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Morningstar gives up the Ghost recently changed its years old policy of providing free ten year financials. It still offers free five year financials but has shifted the ten year data to an expensive premium service. Now that it is costs, I would suggest not using Morningstar anymore. Their data has been dicey at best. That is I was […]

Morningstar’s Opportunistic Investor – Review

Back in November I talked about trying out Premium Investing Services before committing your limited capital. One of the services I tried out was Morningstar’s Opportunistic Investor. I have explored the service and initially I thought it was worth the money. They describe themselves as a service that, ”seeks to uncover investment opportunities in no-moat stocks, deep cyclicals, arbitrage opportunities, spin-offs, bankruptcy reorganizations, and other special situations. We typically look for upside potential that is many times the downside risk, and prefer stocks with identifiable catalysts to unlock value. We will constantly adjust our portfolio to maintain the best possible risk-reward ratio.”

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