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Portfolio Updates

This is a quick update on the status of both portfolio’s for their first month. From here on, I will only update quarterly, because a shorter time frame than that seems silly. Small Investor Portfolio Current Positions DUCK up 27.2% IFON down 13.2 % Closed Positions ORXE up 31.% including commissions. This is all well […]

80-20 Investing – the Portfolio

I have decided to set up another real money portfolio to test out my ideas of 80-20 Investing, which I have previously discussed. For 20% of the effort I believe it is possible to get 80% of the investing result. The idea is fairly simple. Set up some investing criteria, and when a stock passes […]

Tegal (TGAL) barely a NCAV stock – Do Not Buy

On Tuesday I bought 1400 shares of Tegal Corp (TGAL) for $1.25/share plus a $4.95 commission for a total investment of $1754.95. Subsequent to my purchase of their shares, the company has issued a press release which outlines their 2009 Q3 results, with dramatically different assent situation that Q2. I will review this situation as it currently exists and not as it existed when I bought it. I no longer recommend this stock. This is a good example of what can happen to a Net Net stock. They are volatile and valuations can change dramatically.

Linktone (LTON) NCAV Stock – Buy

Yesterday I bought 1000 shares of Linktone (LTON) for $1.69/share and $4.95 commission for a total investment of $1694.95. inktone is, according to their latest 6k, ” one of the leading providers of wireless interactive entertainment services to consumers in China. Linktone provides a diverse portfolio of services to wireless consumers and corporate customers, with a particular focus on media, entertainment and communications. These services are promoted through the Company’s strong distribution network, integrated service platform and multiple marketing sales channels, as well as through the networks of the mobile operators in China. Through in-house development and alliances with international and local branded content partners, the Company develops, aggregates, and distributes innovative and engaging products to maximize the breadth, quality and diversity of its offerings.”

Audiovox (VOXX) a Net Net – Buy

What is Audiovox? According to their latest 10Q it, “is a recognized leader in the marketing of automotive entertainment, vehicle security and remote start systems, consumer electronics products and consumer electronics accessories. The company is number one in mobile video and places in the top ten of almost every category that it sells.”

Solitron Devices (SODI) Update – 10Q filing

Time to update Solitron Devices (SODI). It is vital to update you assessment of company when they release new information. SODI has released a new 10Q. I purchased shares of SODI because they were a Net Net stock with Free Cash Flow growth possibilities.The News in the financials is not very exciting. But nothing bad either.

Qiao Xing Universal Telephone (XING) – Update – Is anything going on?

I am not big on updates on Portfolio stocks for no reason. A little over a month ago I said I was purchasing XING a Chinese Net Net Stock. I purchased the stock at $1.91/share and in the last five weeks the stock has risen to $2.73/share or about 42% increase. I am not complaining but I found myself asking, Why?

Solitron Devices (OTC:SODI) A Net Net Stock added to Portfolio

Today I bought 1500 shares of Solitron Devices (OTC:SODI) at $2.22/share with a $4.95 brokerage fee for a total of $3334.95 investment. For someone maintaining a small portfolio this is a large investment.

Chroma Investing Portfolio Update

This will not be the usual Investing Portfolio update. For one thing, I only have one official position in the Chroma Investing portfolio: XING. That one stock is up 11%. And as I have stated before, that is an irrlevant fact because I have not sold the stock. Until I do, have only potential profit. I really wanted to clarify how the portfolio works.

Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc. (XING) Net Net Stock – Buy

On Friday I purchased 1500 shares of Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc (XING) at $1.91/share with my TradeKing account, so my brokerage fee was $4.95. Despite the name, Qiao is not a telephone company any more. They have recently focused their business to mining operations and are divesting themselves of their phone subsidiaries.

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