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Value Investing for beginning & small time investors and the value investing strategies of Graham & Klarman

Value Investing Strategies for the Small Investor and 80-20 Portfolios

When you begin to invest you need to develop an investing strategy. Having a strategy is like a google map. It will help direct you down the right freeway and hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls, er traffic, and get to the destination you want.  If you are at this website you know my overall […]

Finding Investments Ideas in the Toxic Waste

One of the ways you can find investment ideas is to look in the toxic waste stocks. Not literally of course. No, I refer to stocks that have taken a dive bomb in price. This morning I was looking at Google finance and I saw that Poniard Pharmaceuticals (PARD) had tanked a fantastic 75% on news that its lead drug candidate was rejected?

Beginning Investor Terms – Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are really any stock whose price per share is under a buck. The traditional wisdom is that Penny stocks are too be avoided at all costs. They are often volatile and illiquid, that is not traded in sufficient volume to enable easy entry into or out of a position in that equity.

Wells Fargo Online Brokerage – not good for small time investors

Because I happen to have an account with a large balance, I was invited to get Wells Fargo’s online brokerage with the lure of 100 free trades. Sounds great right. Here’s the catch. You have to have a minimum deposit of $25,000. And they charge an IRA fee. And they charged a penny stock penalty. I learned much of the downside later. What deterred me was ultimately their incredibly poor customer service and the extreme difficulty of establishing the account.

Zecco Cheap online brokerage with IRA Fees

I have not used Zecco. I heard about them on the Motley Fool forums. I don’t have any first hand experience, which will be the case moving forward. If you have $25,000 to open an account you can get 10 free trades/ month. But that is beyond our threshold for small time investors. For small time investors it is $4.50/trade. Cheaper than Tradeking.

Think or Swim – Good Prices for Penny Stock brokerage

Think or Swim is the online brokerage company I currently use for a Roth IRA i have, that I mostly trade Penny stocks in. So far they are the cheapest I can find. They have a dual fee structure that is well suited to investing in penny stocks, but doesn’t sacrifice alot on non penny stocks. You can pay $.015/share with a $5 minimum which works for larger priced stocks that you cannot afford a large purchase anyway. Or, you can pay a flat rate of $9.95 /trade for up to 5000 shares.

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