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Linktone (LTON) NCAV Stock – Buy

Yesterday I bought 1000 shares of Linktone (LTON) for $1.69/share and $4.95 commission for a total investment of $1694.95. inktone is, according to their latest 6k, ” one of the leading providers of wireless interactive entertainment services to consumers in China. Linktone provides a diverse portfolio of services to wireless consumers and corporate customers, with a particular focus on media, entertainment and communications. These services are promoted through the Company‚Äôs strong distribution network, integrated service platform and multiple marketing sales channels, as well as through the networks of the mobile operators in China. Through in-house development and alliances with international and local branded content partners, the Company develops, aggregates, and distributes innovative and engaging products to maximize the breadth, quality and diversity of its offerings.”

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