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More James Montier via EuroshareLab

After reading my recent post on James Montier’s latest GMO white paper, Tim duToit of Euroshare contacted me and informed me of his resource page for all things James Montier. In my ongoing fandome of Montier I have included the link to James Montier resource page. Tim also has a page devoted to book recommendations […]

Fat Tail Risk and James Montier

As many of you know I am James Montier fan. He is exceptional at encapsulating behavioral finance concepts in ways that are almost actionable.  It is not a criticism of him. The value of behavioral finance is that it helps you learn to “think differently” about investing. This is valuable even if it isn’t like […]

Understanding Investing Risk

What is investment risk? Wikipedia says there are two types of investment riskless and risky. I will start by disagreeing. It is a subject I have written about before in Does a Risk Free Rate Exist? My answer to the posed question is no.

Simoleon Sense interviews James Montier

My friend Miguel at Simoleon Sense has conducted another one of his terrific interviews. This time it is with James Montier, who is always someone worth listening to. I have written previously about Montier’s perspectives before. You can check out Montier bitch slaps EFH or Good Decisions, Bad Outcomes. He hails from the behavioral Finance camp, which it is safe to say, the right team to be on.

Good Decisions, Bad Outcomes in Investing

One of my readers, Parker, pointed out in his comment on my post about Mistakes in Investing, that “one of the trickiest things about investing is determining when a bad result stems from a mistake (an oversight or error in process), or just from inevitable bad luck.” I felt that it was such an important distinction I would post about it.

Montier Bitch Slaps Efficient Market Theory

As readers of my blog know I have never believed in Efficient Market Hypothesis. Here is a speech from the brilliant James Montier humiliating the idea, using cartoon characters in the process. Definitely check it out if you haven’t. I must thank Miguel at Simoleon Sense for leading me to this speech and James Montier in particular.

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