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Investing Regret

I had a dose of Investing regret the other day. I have posted about my terrific gain on HAST for the 80-20 portfolio. Right after I sold it at $7.17/share, the price dipped. But then it soared. Then it  had a spectacular rise to over $9.00/share. I was, of course, bummed that I had not […]

HAST – Hasting Entertainment – 80-20 Portfolio – SOLD

Just a quick update on HAST. I sold all 110 shares at $7.19 this morning for a total, minus the $4.50 Zecco commission, of $786.40. While the 57% increase on this investment in less than three weeks is unexpected in its quickness, it is too early to say whether the 80-20 strategy is worthwhile. I […]

HAST – Hasting Entertainment BUY 80-20 Portfolio

On April 7th I purchased 110 shares of Hasting Entertainment – HAST for $4.51/share including the $4.50 commission from Zecco the total comes to a total investment $500.60. This was for the 80-20 Portfolio. I know, I am late in posting about it. But I had to lay out what the criteria were before I […]

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