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Crash Proof 2.0 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I recently finished the book Crash Proof 2.0 and I was surprised on two counts. Peter Schiff, one of the co-authors, is at least, by the evidence of this book and his podcasts, an attention seeking, ego maniac. The first surprising thing for me was,  there is actually some thoughtful information contained in the book. […]

Value Investing Congress 2009 – Macroeconomics are Important

You could think of this as a part two from yestedays post that laid out in outline what we missed for those of us that either didn’t know about or couldn’t attend the 2009 Value Investing Congress. One of the most interesting items I have read about this years Congress was the speech given by David Einhorn, a person I was not previously familiar with. You should download the speech NOW. He spoke about a previous failure that made him realize that as a good value investor you can not be agnostic to macroeconomic factors.

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