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Financial Statements for Beginners – The Balance Sheet

A blog about the balance sheet for beginners. We used the simplified version provided by Morningstar. We look at VaxGen Inc. (VXGN) the Net Net stock we purchased last week.

Financial Statements for Beginning Investors – Cash Flow Statement

Yesterday I discussed the first of three acts of a companies Financial Statements.Income Statements for beginning investors. Today Act 2, Cash Flows. And we will explore it in all its breathless glory. Once again we will utilize the cash flow from Morningstar for VaxGen Inc. (VXGN) to save ourselves the difficulty of sifting through the […]

Financial Statements for Beginning Investors – The Income Statement

In the drama that is the Financial Statements of a Company, the financial information can be broken down into three scillintillating acts. Act One is the Income statement. It contains what you would expect. I have liberated an example from Morningstar of what VXGN‘s income statement looks like. I have made it big so you […]

Getting Easy to Read Financial Statements for a Company

Perhaps you took my advice in yesterdays post about using the Graham Investor NCAV (Net Net) screener. What do you do with all those names? I start with the best discount to Net Current Asset Value. The bigger the discount, the bigger the theoretical Margin of safety. But when you are swimming in these waters, […]

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