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Endwave (ENWV) an update

I posted on ENWV back in December when they had the illusion of a Net Net stock with a margin of safety. But it was all in the details. They had a slog of Preferred shares that weighed on the balance sheet. They were losing money, and seemed to have a lot of unhappy shareholders. There have been some changes since and I wouldn’t want anyone to be stuck with my previous assessment as the only look at the company. I still don’t own any shares. I am still on advocating buying ENWV, but the situation has changed enough to make it worth looking at least.

Endwave (ENWV) a NCAV stock – Illusion or Reality?

Today I offer up a Net Net stock Endwave (ENWV). In an effort to bring choices to beginning and small time investors I will be presenting ideas, even if I don’t buy them. When I buy a stock I will always state how many shares I bought at what price and how much of a brokerage fee I paid, so it is clear what is actually possible to accomplish with a small amount of money or if you are just starting out.

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