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Beginning Value Investor Terms – Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

Although this site is largely geared toward individual stocks, it seems to me, to better serve the beginning investors I need to address the more passive investment strategies that may be attractive to individual investors without much time on their hands to investigate individual companies but want to understand their investments. ETF Defined An Exchange […]

Mutual Funds – Beginning Value Investor Terms

Mutual Funds are investment vehicles that are designed for people who do not want to spend a lot of time researching individual stocks, bonds or other assets, but still want part of their portfolio investment in these markets. It is not quite so simple as you will see. Your money is pooled with that of […]

What are your Investing Goals?

We all have investing goals, but they can differ in substantial ways depending on when we are investing, how much capital we start with or add to our investments. It is important to determine our investing goals and write them down. O.k. you don’t have to write them down if you don’t want to, but […]

Save $1400 Learning about Value Investing

One of the ways you develop an edge is continuing to refine your investing chops. One of the best ways, apart from reading this blog, is to learn from masters, investors who have the skill and experience to help you develop insight into the process of value investing. What if I told you could do […]

Real Returns are the only Returns that Matter

Recently, I was at the Motley Fool website. I use their CAPS as one the sources for common knowledge, like Yahoo finance message board. But that is another post. I like their breezy style and subscribe to their Hidden Gems service. I decided to check out how they compare their returns to their benchmarks. To […]

Best Online Broker for Penny Stocks and the Small Value Investor

This is really the third in the series of Investing 101, the second of which discussed setting up a Small Investor Portfolio. But the title would have been too long if I left all that in. As value investors we are not just interested in value of our stocks but the process in which we […]

Margin of Safety – Beginning Investor Terms

Margin of Safety is a concept I write about a lot. It is the make or break for any investment. While I may fudge the amount from time to time, all investments have to have a margin of safety to be worth shelling out my cash. But what is a Margin of Safety?

New Beginning Investing Blog – The Fallible Investor

I came across a new investing blog that I think is terrific for beginning investors. It is the Fallible Investor. The writer is an Australian value investor who shares a lot of the same tastes as I do: Taleb, Montier, Klarman.

Intrinsic Value – Beginning Investing Terms

Intrinsic value may be the most important concept in value investing. It is the foundation of everything else. Value Investors all agree that you start with the intrinsic value of a company. Now, how you arrive at that value is a different proposition, there you will have a lot of disagreement.

What happens When the Price of your Stock Declines?

This is a question that many of us faced in 2008. It is certain we will face this issue as long was we continue to invest. The answer, in short, is it depends.

First, check to see if something material has changed in the company that would effect the intrinsic value of the company. If your calculation of intrinsic value is unchanged in relationship to the stock price, you should not sell. In fact, as the price drops you may consider adding to your position. Let’s look at Qiao Xing Telephone (XING) which I purchased back in December for $1.92/share.

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