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What Does it take for you to do good? How about Free money!

Will you help somone today? What will it take? Some of you may answer. I already do a boatload. Great. Others will answer the question, No, I don’t want to help anyone but myself. But what if you could do it with… Free Money I have written about various investments that have not so great […]

Why You may Want to Invest for Yourself

Sometimes I will come across an article that will inspire a post. This is one of those types of articles. One of the advantages of AAII is that they send you updates weekly. Recently they posted something that I knew about, but that should give every individual investor pause. Most Actively Traded Funds Underperform Index […]

New Investing Resource – Value Investing Books

One of the things essential to discovering your own investing strategy is discovering what people have tried before you. In the distant past, pre-web, people read books, because I am old fashioned, I still read them. And surprise, they are still valuable today. I have added a new section to Chroma Investing; A Value Investing […]

20 Things You Need to Know about Value Investing

or More random items about what this blog is about than you really wanted to know This is a reworked article that I posted back when Chroma first started, but no one read it, so it is new information to anyone hanging out now. What is this Value Investing Blog about anyway? Since you are […]

Chroma Is back!

After another unplanned work related hiatus and subsequent vacation Chroma Investing will begin publishing articles again. Sorry for the lapse, but since I don’t make money off this site paid work comes first. Related Posts:No Related Posts

David Einhorn Speaking at Value Investing Congress

The Value Investing Congress in New York, has just added David Einhorn as a speaker. Einhorn is an author and the hedge fund manager of Greenlight Capital. He has made headlines in a few of his short positions, although, he claims to be a net long investor. Shorting usually does generate more headlines because it […]

How to pick a Value Investing Conference

It recently occurred to me that I did not have enough how-to type articles at Chroma Investing. So this will be the first in an on going series of how to value investing articles. How to Pick a Value Investing Conference The first thing to do is start with value. This is not  a surprise statement […]

What is Value Investing?

This is a value investing Website filled with all things value investing: Value Investing Strategy, Value Investing Conference, Value Investing Software. But what is Value Investing? This is obviously a beginning investor question. But weekends are for beginning value investors, since that is probably when they have time to investigate their investing strategies. In layman’s […]

Great Value Investing Strategies – Piotroski’s F-score Investing

This is going to be a denser than usual article. If you want to skip the theory and go to the section that deals with the mechanics of the strategy, go ahead. But don’t skip this article. I have wanted to write this article for a long time. It is essential because I use this […]

Beginning Value Investor Term – Beta

Beta is a funny looking Greek character that gets thrown around a lot in finance circles. It can be used to estimate correlation of an asset to the over-all market. What? If you compare an asset, say stock in a company, to a market, say the S&P 500, you can establish a relationship between them. […]

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