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About Chroma Investing

I am not a finance or investing professional. I started this blog because my brother suggested that I share some of the investing tips that I have had success with.  Over the course of writing this blog, Chroma Investing has evolved. It started off as a place to explain what I was doing with my investments and why. What it has become is an exploration of what works and what doesn’t work in investing. I am experimenting with aspects of value investing. I no longer feel like I know what works, but am exploring what may work, for now. I suspect what works will continue to evolve. I am not a math whiz or financial genius, so I figure if I can be successful, perhaps other small time and beginning investors can be too.  So I started this as someone who was following the ideas of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Joel Greenblatt,  and Seth Klarman. Now I am interested in pursuing value investing in its various facets including, arbitrage, special situations, activist investing and any investment vehicle that has a clear financial advantage. Ultimately, Chroma investing is really about looking at investing from a different perspective. Not buying into established ideas, if they don’t generate real returns.

This site is not set up as vehicle to give financial advice. Anyone making investment decisions, including those using licensed brokers, should understand and research their own decisions before they make any decisions.

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