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More James Montier via EuroshareLab

After reading my recent post on James Montier’s latest GMO white paper, Tim duToit of Euroshare contacted me and informed me of his resource page for all things James Montier. In my ongoing fandome of Montier I have included the link to James Montier resource page. Tim also has a page devoted to book recommendations […]

Confidence or Overconfidence in Investing?

One of the criteria some value investors use for sizing their stock purchases is their “confidence” in the validity of their analysis on a particular company.  If you ordinarily invest 5% of your portfolio in a particular companies’ stock, you might, if you are very confident, in your analysis, size up your position to 10% […]

Chroma Investing Links July 2011

I haven’t posted recommended investing links in a while. But, first I wanted to highlight a couple of links that I have removed. Not because they aren’t worth your time but because the authors have shut down the sites or not updated to the point where it seems shut down. These include (shut down), […]

Charlie Munger’s Final Westco Remarks

Ben at Inoculated Investor has posted his terrific notes on the Final Westco Conversation With Charlie Munger. These are Ben’s notes, not mine, so if you have praise, go to his website and thank him. Charlie Munger is, in his own way, an investing rock star, like his partner in Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett. But […]

Fat Tail Risk and James Montier

As many of you know I am James Montier fan. He is exceptional at encapsulating behavioral finance concepts in ways that are almost actionable.  It is not a criticism of him. The value of behavioral finance is that it helps you learn to “think differently” about investing. This is valuable even if it isn’t like […]

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