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Last Day for $1400 Value Investing Congress Discount

  Today is the last day to save $1400 to attend the Value Investing Congress. Tomorrow the Price goes up. If you are thinking of attending click through and sign up. Also, if you are planning on attending and want to get together for a drink to talk value investing, send me a note at […]

Crash Proof 2.0 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I recently finished the book Crash Proof 2.0 and I was surprised on two counts. Peter Schiff, one of the co-authors, is at least, by the evidence of this book and his podcasts, an attention seeking, ego maniac. The first surprising thing for me was,  there is actually some thoughtful information contained in the book. […]

Save $1400 Learning about Value Investing

One of the ways you develop an edge is continuing to refine your investing chops. One of the best ways, apart from reading this blog, is to learn from masters, investors who have the skill and experience to help you develop insight into the process of value investing. What if I told you could do […]

What is your Investing Edge?

If you scroll down his recent 2010 Letter Seth Klarman asks, “What’s your edge?” He asks this question in the context of developing a framework for investing success. It is a vital question. And if you don’t have an answer, it is time to develop one. We all have some advantages over other investors. Are […]

Does the Magic Formula Work?

I want to be a fan of mechanical investing. My own experiments with the 80-20 portfolio have been successful in a limited way, but not in terms of real returns. I will address this in my upcoming state of the portfolios posts toward the end of the month. The most obvious and well known mechanical […]

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