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Avoiding Confirmation Bias

As I have mentioned previously, one of the points of the 80-20 Portfolio is to incorporate some of the research of Behavioral Finance into an Investing Strategy. One of the behavioral traps we go through is something called Confirmation Bias. In short, this is when you look at facts that agree with your investing thesis […]

Investing Regret

I had a dose of Investing regret the other day. I have posted about my terrific gain on HAST for the 80-20 portfolio. Right after I sold it at $7.17/share, the price dipped. But then it soared. Then it  had a spectacular rise to over $9.00/share. I was, of course, bummed that I had not […]

HAST – Hasting Entertainment – 80-20 Portfolio – SOLD

Just a quick update on HAST. I sold all 110 shares at $7.19 this morning for a total, minus the $4.50 Zecco commission, of $786.40. While the 57% increase on this investment in less than three weeks is unexpected in its quickness, it is too early to say whether the 80-20 strategy is worthwhile. I […]

HAST – Hasting Entertainment BUY 80-20 Portfolio

On April 7th I purchased 110 shares of Hasting Entertainment – HAST for $4.51/share including the $4.50 commission from Zecco the total comes to a total investment $500.60. This was for the 80-20 Portfolio. I know, I am late in posting about it. But I had to lay out what the criteria were before I […]

Value Investing Strategies for the Small Investor and 80-20 Portfolios

When you begin to invest you need to develop an investing strategy. Having a strategy is like a google map. It will help direct you down the right freeway and hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls, er traffic, and get to the destination you want.  If you are at this website you know my overall […]

ORXE – Ore Pharamceutical Holdings – NCAV pharma stock – Bought and Sold

On Tuesday I bought 1600 shares of ORXE, a Net Net pharma stock for $.30/share or $485.00 including the ChoiceTrade $5.00 commission, for the Small Investor Portfolio. I sold today at .40/share for a profit $150.00 or nearly 31% including commissions. This is not my usual trading style. But as much as this was a […]

DUCK – Duckwall-ALCO Stores a NCAV stock BUY – Small Investor Portfolio

I am still in catch up mode from my brief hiatus in posting. While I stopped posting , I did not stop investing.  Last Thursday April 8th I purchased 35 shares of DUCK – Duckwall – Alco Stores at $13.75/share  for the Chroma Investing Small Investor Portfolio. Including the ChoiceTrade commission of $5.00 this was […]

IFON – InfoSonics NCAV stock BUY – Small Investor Portfolio

Last week, on 4/1/10 I purchased 650 shares of IFON – Infosonics at $ .7719/share  for the Chroma Investing Small Investor Portfolio.  This was a total investment of $506.74 including the $5.00 ChoiceTrade commission. The price dropped into the low .60’s until today where has recovered to .72/share.  I bought the shares because IFON is […]

Zecco vs. ChoiceTrade – Which is better?

As I narrowed my choice for the Small Investor Portfolio‘s broker, I decided I would set up an account at both Zecco and Choice Trade. One would be for the Small Investor’s Portfolio and the other for the 80-20 portfolio. I have my impressions of setting up accounts at both companies. Choice Trade- The first […]

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