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Understanding Investing Risk

What is investment risk? Wikipedia says there are two types of investment riskless and risky. I will start by disagreeing. It is a subject I have written about before in Does a Risk Free Rate Exist? My answer to the posed question is no.

Simoleon Sense interviews James Montier

My friend Miguel at Simoleon Sense has conducted another one of his terrific interviews. This time it is with James Montier, who is always someone worth listening to. I have written previously about Montier’s perspectives before. You can check out Montier bitch slaps EFH or Good Decisions, Bad Outcomes. He hails from the behavioral Finance camp, which it is safe to say, the right team to be on.

Lessons Learned from Mike Burry

Burry was the guru behind Scion Capital. He was a great stock picker and later made $100 million buying credit default swaps, investing against the housing bubble.

I am not going to recount the article. Read it if you are interested in what great investors do. It is a great read. I am just going to share with you the what I take away from the article.

Easy Concept, Potentially Profitable Investing Strategy

This is really another in the Value Investing Series, but also an 80/20 Investing idea. To reiterate 80/20 investing is my value investing concept that attempts to get 80% of a solid return with 20% of the work. Not sure if it is really viable, although I am thinking of starting a test portfolio. But it is also the result of finding the website I mentioned in yesterdays blog about Empirical Finance Research.

An aid to Empirical Finance Research

I am a fan of empirical evidence that supports investing strategies. This sounds like an obvious statement, but many people don’t care, or at least that is how seems if you view their actions. I have previously highlighted evidence that could potentially enhance returns like Low price to book, and help protect against loss like the Altman Z score.

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