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Beginning Investor Terms – Mutual Fund

Mutual funds pool together the capital of a large number of people, focusing on a specific investment strategy. This strategy is expressed in the prospectus that potential investors can read to help them decide which type of fund to invest in.

Solitron Devices (OTC:SODI) A Net Net Stock added to Portfolio

Today I bought 1500 shares of Solitron Devices (OTC:SODI) at $2.22/share with a $4.95 brokerage fee for a total of $3334.95 investment. For someone maintaining a small portfolio this is a large investment.

Value Investing Congress Discount Ends

Value Investing Congress is having it’s West Coast version the first week in May, 2010. There are a variety of discounts available that all amount to the same thing, but here is the thing. The discount up to $1750 ends tomorrow night at Midnight.

What Next In Investing?

This is important because, many stocks are not cheap right now, and finding great or even really good investments has gotten tight. I have mostly been focusing on a couple of strategies, including NCAV stock investing.

Net Net (NCAV) Stock Screeners

I am going to give up the best net current asset value (NCAV) stock screeners I know, but it is really a plea to find new ones, because the one’s I know have become either dated, less relevant, or are not cheap. First, for the beginning investors, I will describe a stock screener. As it’s name implies a stock screen sifts through stocks and winnows the wheat from the chaff. On a good one, you get to decide what is chaff and what is wheat. On the less than great ones, the you are told what is wheat and chaff.

Beginning Investor Terms – 10k

In investment terms a 10k is a Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) required filing for publicly traded domestic companies.The gems within this filing include audited financial information, historical and structural information, descriptions of subsidiaries as well as risks and strategies for the future.

Stock Investment Guide: A Screening Tool for Mac and PC’s

]one of my reader’s, emailed me this tip as we commiserated about the lack of programs that helped Mac based investors. While this program also works on the Windows platform, it will be more useful for Mac users, since there are better programs for PC’s than this. The progam is called the Stock Investment Guide.

Is Diversification still Prudent?

I have never bought into the whole diversify across asset classes theory. It’s one of those dumb ideas that sounds good theoretically, but doesn’t pass the common sense rule, but I will get to that later. I am not much of an economist. Most of them use too much math in an inappropriate way, that does not reflect the real world that I live in.

Free Magic Formula Lists – Chroma Investment Links

But I wanted to turn you on to an interesting site. It is essentially a list of Magic Formula stocks. The Magic Formula Investing isn’t new. Joel Greenblatt of Gotham Capital fame devised this system of essentially low P/E, High ROIC companies. He outlined the Magic Formula Investing Approach in his Little Book that Beats the Market.

Beginning Investor Terms – Dividend

In the context of the stock market, a Dividend represents a cash payout of earnings usually to the common shareholders of a company. Companies are not required to distribute any earnings. So, because a company has high Earnings per Share (EPS) doesn’t mean there is any Dividend at all.

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